Evidence Upload

Mission Statement

We are a group of technology people trying to use our skills for the good of Boston. We all have a connection to Boston and its people, either through work or relationship.

We created evidenceupload.org to provide a way for spectators of the Boston Marathon to easily bulk upload their photographs and video to the FBI.

In the aftermath of the tragedy this week we struggled to find a way to express our desire to help. We're volunteers working on this project around the clock and still fine tuning things and listening to your feedback. But in the meantime, let’s do our best to get law enforcement everything they need.



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Jonathan Baudanza @jbaudanza

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Sean Durkin @seandurkin

Michael Ernst @BeingErnst

Jeremy Gailor @jgailor

Riley Guerin @rileytg

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Steven Trevethan @strevat

Thank you

filepicker.io for providing free image hosting


For media inquiries, please contact Sean Durkin sean.durkin@anthracitegroup.com