Evidence Upload

Evidence Upload

for the Boston Marathon Tragedy

420 photos uploaded

If you were in Boston and near the blast areas either before, during, or after the explosions: Boston needs your photos and videos!

The FBI is requesting that people e-mail their photos to boston@ic.fbi.gov or upload them to bostonmarathontips.fbi.gov

If you have a large number of photographs to send, or you want to import your photos from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, or another social media site, you can continue to do that here.

All uploaded media will be forwarded to FBI.

1 Add your photos and videos

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2 Identify yourself

Please leave your contact information in case any follow up is required. This is strictly optional.

By uploading you agree that the files and all information you upload belong to you and you are putting them into the public domain. Law enforcement and other parties may use the information you provide, and may contact you if you provide contact information.

evidenceupload.org is in no way affiliated with the FBI. This is a grassroots effort by the community to assist in gathering evidence.